Parnell Rose Garden in Auckland

Parnell Rose Garden is a beautiful oasis, located in the Parnell Village, Auckland. With over 5000 roses, the biggest trees in Auckland and a tranquil place for a joyful walk, it is one of the most-loved parks among locals and travelers.

Parnell Rose Garden offers so many rose varieties to enjoy and of course all of them share a unique fragrance! Many roses are unique New Zealand varieties, with counting up to 5000 varieties that are planted by internationally renowned rose breeders!

People of all ages enjoy these gardens all year round.

These gardens are beautiful with many a variety of roses set in a lush green environment. Great views of the bay from here. It is rated as one of the top things to do while visiting Auckland.

The park is named after the longest-serving mayor of Auckland – Dove-Myer Robinson, who served for 18 years.

Parnell Festival of Roses

Each year the park is host to the Parnell Festival of Roses, which features New Zealand’s art exhibitions, craft stalls, local music and of course, thousands of beautiful roses.

It is a popular venue for weddings, and is home to the largest Pohutukawa and Manuka trees in Auckland!

Discover events that take place in the Parnell Rose Garden. 

Visit Parnell Rose Gardens and more

Join us for a Classic tour with Parnell Rose Garden as an essential stop. You will get to wander around the gardens for a joyful 30-minutes walk. Alternatively, book a Picnic in the Park Tour, and enjoy a freshly cooked picnic in the heart of the Rose garden! 

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